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Modern Organocopper Chemistry

Modern Organocopper Chemistry

Norbert Krause (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60008-3

Jan 2002

362 pages

Select type: O-Book


Organocopper compounds are now an integral tool in every modern preparative laboratory, allowing important stages of synthesis to be carried out selectively and in an elegant fashion. Yet a certain amount of experience is needed if they are to be used effectively. Non-experts in the field often have difficulty in choosing the most suitable reagent and reaction conditions for a particular synthetic problem.

This handbook, edited by Norbert Krause, answers such questions, since it contains numerous useful tips and tricks on organocopper compounds gained from personal experience by an international team of authors. Organized according to reaction type and selectivity problem, it allows chemists working in both academia and industry laboratories to determine the optimal reagent for their needs. Chapters on structural and mechanistic aspects, as well as the use of organocopper compounds in target-oriented synthesis, complete this handbook which will stimulate a more effective use of these synthesis tools in everyday laboratory practice.
Preparation of Organocopper Reagents
Mechanism of Organocopper Reactions
Additions to Enones
Additions to Enolates
Additions to Acetylenic Esters and Ketones
Additions to other unsaturated Acceptors
Additions to Dienones and Dienoates
Additions to Acceptor
Substituted Enynes
Other additions
Carbocupration of Alkynes
Carbocupration of other Unsaturated Substrates
Substitution of Saturated Electrophiles
Substitution of Propargylic Electrophiles
SN''- Substitutions
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