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Modern Parasitology: A Textbook of Parasitology, 2nd Edition

Modern Parasitology: A Textbook of Parasitology, 2nd Edition

F. E. G. Cox (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-31396-3 November 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 288 Pages


This is a thorough revision and update of the highly successful first edition, which which achieved sales in excess of 4,500. The text serves as a comprehensive introduction to parasitology for both undergraduate and beginning graduate students. In this edition, particular emphasis is placed on parasites of human and veterinary importance. The first three chapters in the text are concerned with how parasites 'work,' their biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and physiology. The remaining chapters cover ecology and epidemiology, immunology and chemotherapy, with the final chapter covering integrated control. This new edition contains new material on cell and molecular biology, vectors and control, which is in contrast to the general biological approach of the first edition. The second edition will succeed the first as the major text on parasitology for students in biology, zoology, microbiology, medicine, veterinary medicine, tropical medicine and public health.
Parasitic protozoa; Parasitic helminths; Vectors; Epidemiology; Biochemistry; Molecular biology and molecular genetics; Physiology and nutrition; Immunology; Chemotherapy; Control
* the only text to cover all the essentials of parasitology specifically at undergraduate and beginning postgraduate level * a multi-author text with contributions from the very best in their respective fields representing a wealth of teaching experience * a fully integrated approach to the subject