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Modern Petrochemical Technology : Methods, Manufacturing and Applications

Modern Petrochemical Technology : Methods, Manufacturing and Applications

Santi Kulprathipanja

ISBN: 978-3-527-81817-4

Jul 2020

332 pages


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This book not only provides an overview of markets and uses for common petrochemical building blocks, but also offers a survey of the technology used to make the key petrochemical building blocks. It contains both critical information to understand how the technologies are used to produce petrochemicals, how the various petrochemicals are used, and examples and problems designed to reinforce the learning about the basic science, engineering and use of petrochemicals. It will be a useful tool for universities and for industrial training programs to further education and discovery in the technologies oriented toward the petrochemical industry.
Section I. Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction to Refining and Petrochemical
Chapter 2: Petrochemical Markets
Section II. Olefins
Chapter 3: Olefins Production Technologies
Chapter 4: Uses of Olefins
Section III. Aromatics
Chapter 5: Aromatic Production Technologies
Chapter 6: Uses of Aromatics
Section IV. Methane and Synthesis Gas
Chapter 7: Synthesis Gas
Chapter 8: Uses of Synthesis Gas
Section V. Industrial Separation
Chapter 9: Adsorption
Chapter 10: Distillation
Chapter 11: Membranes
Chapter 12: Absorption
Chapter 13: Extraction