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Modern Physics for Engineers

Modern Physics for Engineers

Jasprit Singh

ISBN: 978-3-527-61769-2

Nov 2008

400 pages



Linking physics fundamentals to modern technology-a highly applied primer for students and engineers

Reminding us that modern inventions-new materials, information technologies, medical technological breakthroughs-are based on well-established fundamental principles of physics, Jasprit Singh integrates important topics from quantum mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, and materials science, as well as the special theory of relativity. He then goes a step farther and applies these fundamentals to the workings of electronic devices-an essential leap for anyone interested in developing new technologies.

From semiconductors to nuclear magnetic resonance to superconducting materials to global positioning systems, Professor Singh draws on wide-ranging applications to demonstrate each concept under discussion. He downplays extended mathematical derivations in favor of results and their real-world design implication, supplementing the book with nearly 100 solved examples, 120 figures, and 200 end-of-chapter problems.

Modern Physics for Engineers provides engineering and physics students with an accessible, unified introduction to the complex world underlying today's design-oriented curriculums. It is also an extremely useful resource for engineers and applied scientists wishing to take advantage of research opportunities in diverse fields.
Classical View of the Universe.

Quantum Mechanics and the Universe.

Particles That Make Up Our World.

Particles in Periodic Potentials.

Particles in Attractive Potentials.

Tunneling of Particles.

Approximation Methods.

Scattering and Collisions.

Special Theory of Relativity.