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Modern Supramolecular Chemistry: Strategies for Macrocycle Synthesis

Modern Supramolecular Chemistry: Strategies for Macrocycle Synthesis

François Diederich (Editor), Peter J. Stang (Editor), Rik R. Tykwinski (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62149-1

Jun 2008

418 pages



Written by internationally acclaimed experts, this handy volume covers all major classes of supramolecular compounds. Chapters include cyclophanes, resorcinarene and calixarene synthesis, supramolecular metallomacrocycles and macrocycle synthesis, rotaxane and catenane synthesis, cucurbiturils and porphyrins, as well as macrocyclic drugs.
Each chapter contains experimental procedures allowing fast access to this type of synthetic chemistry.
Resorcinarene and calixarene synthesis
Supramolecular Metallomacrocycles
Supramolecular macrocycle synthesis by H-bonding assembly
Supramolecular macrocycle synthesis by metal ion assembly
Rotaxane and catenane synthesis
Macrocyles via the Dynamic Covalent Bond
Macrocyclic drugs (including macrocyclic Macrocycles by ring-closure metathesis
Anion-binding macrocycles
Macrocycles by acetylenic scaffolding