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Modern Surface Technology

Modern Surface Technology

Friedrich-Wilhelm Bach (Editor), Kai Möhwald (Editor), Andreas Laarmann (Editor), Thomas Wenz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60864-5

Dec 2006

346 pages



This translation of a successful German title provides a broad and fundamental overview of current coating technology. Edited by experts from one of the largest research centers for this field in Germany, this valuable reference combines research and industrial perspectives, treated by authors from academia and industry alike. They discuss the potential of the many innovations introduced into industrial application in recent years, allowing materials scientists and engineers to find the appropriate solution for their own specific coating problems. Thus, with the aid of this book, it is possible to make coating technology an integral part of R&D, construction and production.
Selection of Surface Treatment Processes
Principles of Thin Film Technology
Innovations in PVD Technology for High-Performance Applications
Thermal CVD of Hard Materials
CVD-Diamond Thin Films by the Hot-Filament Process
Galvanic Coating Technology
Thermal Spraying, Flame and Arc Spraying
Additives for Spraying
High-Speed Flame Spraying
Triplex II -
Development of an Economic High-Performance PLasma Spraying Process for Highest Quality in Severe Production Environments
Cold Gas Spraying
Diagnostics of Thermal Spraying Machines
Sol-Gel Processes
Wear-resistant Coating by Brazing and Soldering
Usage of Coating Processes in Soldering Technology
Surface Protection by Welding
Non-destructive Testing and Assessment of Coatings
"...a valuable curent reference." (Metall, February 2008)

"…interesting and valuable for anyone working in this field." (CORROSION, June 2007)