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Modern Transport Geography, 2nd Edition

Modern Transport Geography, 2nd Edition

B. S. Hoyle (Editor), Richard Knowles (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-97777-3

Jan 1999

382 pages

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This book should be in the library of every transportation researcher. Ronald Sheck Intermodal and guideway research program director, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of Florida There is no escape from transport. By sea, air, road or rail, we rely on transport to connect individuals, businesses and cities. At a time when deregulation and privatization are becoming global trends and concerns grow about sustainability, what is the future of transport for the 21st Century? The best-selling first edition of Moderñ Transport Geography provided a topical transport textbook, based on geographical theory and focused on contemporary issues. This new, expanded, updated and revised edition builds on the strengths of the earlier text by taking a more international and global perspective. The book brings together an unparalleled range of contributors, reflecting the international expertise of the Transport Research Groups of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Association of American Geographers. Modern Transport Geography takes a principles and practice approach which enables students to develop their own ideas on the basis of the contextual, analytical and case material provided. from reviews of Edition I This book has all the ingredients of a successful textbook... The presentation is both stimulating and thought provoking. There is a lot of up to date information on current and case studies from all parts of the world. And, finally, there are plenty of references for further reading. What more could one ask? Journal of Environment and Planning A Geography / Transport Studies / Planning / Social Science Contents
* Transport Geography: an Introduction
* Transport and Development: Conceptual Frameworks
* The Role of Transport in the Development Process: Case Studies from Québec, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and China
* Transport Deregulation and Privatization
* Transport and the Environment
* Urban Travel Patterns
* Urban Transport Problems and Solution
* Inter-Urban Transport
* Rural Areas: the Accessibility Problem
* Transport for Recreation and Tourism
* Ships, Ports and Bulk Freight Transport
* Intermodal Transportation
* International Surface Passenger Transport
* International Air Transport
* Sustainability of Transport
Transport Geography: An Introduction.

Transport and Development: Theoretical Approaches.

The Role of Transport in the Development Process.

Transport Policy and Control.

Transport and Environment.

Urban Travel Patterns.

Urban Transport Problems and Solutions.

Inter-Urban Transport.

Rural Areas: The Accessibility Problem.

Transport for Tourism and Recreation.

Bulk Freight Transport.

Multimodal Freight Transport.

International Surface Passenger Transport: Prospects and Potential.

International Air Transport.