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Moderne Pharmakokinetik: Transport durch Membranen



Moderne Pharmakokinetik: Transport durch Membranen

Beat Ernst, Alexander Vögtli

ISBN: 978-3-527-66338-5 April 2012 352 Pages


In a clever didactic manner this textbook answers such essential pharmacokinetic questions as how drugs are distributed in the body, how do they reach their target, and how are they broken down and removed from the body.

From the contents:

- The active substance's path to the molecular target
- Transporters and ion channels
- Gastrointestinal absorption
- Liver processes
- Entering the brain: the Blood-brain barrier
- Reaching the placenta
- Elimination through the kidney

With its attractive layout and mostly full-color illustrations, this is not only a must for all advanced students of pharmacology and related disciplines, but also a valuable guide for lecturers and those working in the pharmaceutical industry.