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Molecular Chemistry of the Transition Elements: An Introductory Course

Molecular Chemistry of the Transition Elements: An Introductory Course

François Mathey, Alain Sevin

ISBN: 978-0-471-95687-7

Dec 1996

242 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Using a systematic and theoretical approach, this outstanding textbook offers a succinct introduction to the underlying principles of organometallic chemistry--with a strong emphasis on reactions mechanisms. It links theory with the chemical properties of the compounds, enabling students to classify the variety of compounds and to understand the basic reaction mechanisms of diverse classes of compounds. Chapters with selected applications help students to transfer the theoretical knowledge to real life chemistry. Contains numerous examples.

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A Brief History of Organometallic Chemistry.
The Fundamental Concepts.
The Main Functional Groups in Organometallic Chemistry.
Some Applications in Organic Synthesis.
Some Applications in Homogeneous Catalysis.
  • The author is one of the leaders in the field of phosphorous chemistry.
  • Detailed theoretical presentation of metal-metal single and multiple bonds.
  • Up-to-date description of the applications of transition metals in homogeneous catalysis.