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Molecular Ecology Resources

Molecular Ecology Resources

Edited By:Shawn Narum

Vol 18(6 Issues in 2018 )

Print ISSN: 1755098X

Online ISSN: 1755-0998

Impact Factor: 7.059

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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Molecular Ecology Resources is a vehicle for the rapid dissemination of new tools for molecular genetic studies in natural populations. Papers that report on the ecology, evolution, behaviour, and conservation of organisms, rather than on technical issues, should be submitted to our companion publication, Molecular Ecology. We recommend that empirical papers with a strongly applied focus be directed to Evolutionary Applications.

The main areas covered by Molecular Ecology Resources are the development of new genotyping resources, the reporting of important new techniques and the announcement and testing of new computer software. The journal also publishes empirical and theoretical papers on DNA Barcoding and reviews of recent technical advances in the field of molecular ecology.

Wiley-Blackwell and Molecular Ecology Resources maintain a user-friendly database for the information reported in Primer Notes. The database contains an archive of all notes published in Molecular Ecology. Authors submit their primer sequences, amplification conditions, polymorphism levels, and cross-species amplification data as a condition of publication, thereby providing a searchable resource for the community.