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Molecular Fluorescence: Principles and Applications

Molecular Fluorescence: Principles and Applications

Bernard Valeur

ISBN: 978-3-527-60024-3

Dec 2001

408 pages

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Today, fluorescence spectroscopy is an important tool of investigation in many areas. In analytical sciences, its advantage is extremely high sensitivity and selectivity - even single molecules can be detected - and it achieves a high spatial resolution and time resolution in combination with microscopic techniques or laser techniques, respectively. In material sciences, this is used to study structure and dynamics of surfaces. Particularly in the areas of biochemistry and molecular genetics, fluorescence spectroscopy has become a dominating technique. Together with the latest imaging techniques, fluorescence spectroscopy allows a real-time observation of the dynamics of intact biological systems with an unprecedented resolution.
This book offers a comprehensive introduction to and survey of fluorescence spectroscopy. It is written for newcomers and active researchers alike who are learning to apply fluorescence methods in the areas of chemistry, physical chemistry, polymers, materials, colloids, biochemistry, biology, medical and pharmaceutical research.
Absorption of UV-visible light
Characteristics of Fluorescence Emission
Effects of Photophysical or Photochemical Inter- or Intramolecular Processes on Fluorescence Emission
Fluorescence Polarization. Emission Anisotropy
Principles of Fluorometric Techniques
Effect of Polarity on Fluorescence Emission. Probes of Polarity
Fluidity, Order Parameters, Molecular Mobility. Estimation by Means of Fluorescent Probes
Resonance Energy Transfer and Applications
Fluorescent Molecular Sensors of Ions and Molecules
Advanced Fluorometric Techniques
"The strength of the book lies in its clear and understandable presentation, and in the thoroughness of the descriptions of fluorescence applications, enabling one to quickly appreciate the many questions and problems in the field of fluorescence. Molecular Fluorescence is more a textbook than a monograph, and therefore it is of special interest for students and beginners in the field, and be recommended."
- Angewandte Chemie (international edition), 2002; Vol. 41 No. 16