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Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Cuisine Demystified

Jose Sanchez

ISBN: 978-1-118-07386-5 April 2015 320 Pages


Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Cuisine Demystified aims to clarify and explain the fascinating world of molecular gastronomy. It offers the reader crucial knowledge of key ingredients and provides fundamental step-by-step techniques for application. It provides a foundation for experimenting with and, most importantly, understanding new and exciting ingredients and cooking techniques.

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Chapter 1: Modern Cooking Evolution and Its Pioneers and Practitioners

Chapter 2: Sanitation and Safety

Chapter 3: Equipment and Tool Identification

Chapter 4: Introduction to Hydrocolloids: New Frontier

Chapter 5: Food Hydrocolloids: Thickeners, Gelling Agents Emulsifiers, and Stabilizers

Chapter 6: Sweeteners, Antioxidants, and Others

Chapter 7: Overview of Techniques

Chapter 8: Small Treats, Hot and Cold

Chapter 9: Surprises

Chapter 10 : Composed Dishes

Chapter 11 : Sweets


Weight Conversion Chart

Measurement Conversion of Commonly Used Ingredients

Length Conversion Chart

Temperature Chart

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  • Start At Any level: Beginners and professionals both will find relevant information that will fit personal need with ease of applicability.
  • Recipes, Photos, and Demonstrations: recipes are dramatically illustrated and thoroughly explained. The book highlights food hydrocolloids’ potential by demonstrating the ability to recognize their basic applications, while also laying the groundwork for other infinite possibilities.
  • Provides Learning Toolsfor Each Reader:
  1. Instructors will find the theoretical and applicable components of the book to be a great curricula source for lectures on molecular gastronomy and modern cuisine.
  2. Current and Future Chefs will appreciate the simple approach taken to explain a very detailed subject.
  3. Serious Home Chefs can use this book to eliminate the mysticism and fear of these common food hydrocolloids.