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Molecular Genetics of Bacteria, 4th Edition

Molecular Genetics of Bacteria, 4th Edition

Jeremy W. Dale, Simon F. Park

ISBN: 978-0-470-09388-7

Dec 2005

358 pages

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The Fourth Edition of this highly successful book provides an essential introduction to the molecular genetics of bacteria. Thoroughly revised and updated, Molecular Genetics of Bacteria now includes a much greater coverage of genomics, microarrays and proteomics. An enhanced treatment of the ways in which both classical and modern genetics have contributed to our understanding of how bacteria work is included. The focus of the book remains firmly on bacteria and will be invaluable to those students studying microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and related biomedical sciences.
  • Expanded treatment of the development of bacterial structures, cellular communication, quorum sensing and two-component regulation.
  • Provides a distillation of key concepts of bacterial genetics to enhance student understanding.
  • Includes examples of the applications of genetics focusing on bacterial pathogenicity.
1. Nucleic Acid Structure and Function.

2. Mutation and Variation.

3. Regulation and Gene Expression.

4. Genetics of Bacteriophages.

5. Plasmids.

6. Gene Transfer.

7. Genomic Plasticity: Movable Genes and Phase Variation.

8. Genetic Modification: Exploiting the Potential of Bacteria.

9. Genetic Methods for Investigating Bacteria.

10. Gene Mapping to Genomics.

Appendix A: Further Reading.

Appendix B: Abbreviations.

Appendix C: Glossary.

Appendix D: Enzymes.

Appendix E: Genes.

Appendix F: Standard Genetic Code.

Appendix G: Bacterial Species.


Fully revised and updated including new material on genomics, arrays, IVET/STM, two-component regulation and quorum sensing