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Molecular Motors



Molecular Motors

Manfred Schliwa (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60565-1 March 2006 Wiley-Blackwell 604 Pages

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The latest knowledge on molecular motors is vital for the understanding of a wide range of biological and medical topics: cell motility, organelle movement, virus transport, developmental asymmetry, myopathies, and sensory defects are all related to the function or malfunction of these minute molecular machines. Since there is a vast amount of information on motor mechanisms and potential biomedical and nanobiotechnological applications, this handbook fulfills the need for a collection of current research results on the functionality, regulation, and interactions of cytoskeletal, DNA, and rotary motors. Here, leading experts present a concise insight, ranging from atomic structure, biochemistry, and biophysics to cell biology, developmental biology and pathology. Basic principles and applications make this book a valuable reference tool for researchers, professionals, and clinicians alike - all set to become a "classic" in the years to come.
Myosin Superfamily: An Overview (Kieke, Titus)
Dynein Motors: Structure, Mechanochemistry and Regulation (King)
Kinesin Superfamily Proteins (Hirokawa, Takemura)
The Bacterial Flagellar Motor (Berry)
F1-Motor of ATP Synthase (Noji)
RNA and DNA Polymerases (Korzheva, Mustaev)
Helicases as Molecular Motors (Levin, Patel)
How Protein Motors Convert Chemical Energy into Mechanical Work (Oster, Wang)
Example Models to Illustrate the Difference between Ratchets and Power Strokes
A Closer Look at Binding Free Energy
Molecular Motor Directionality (Endow)
Kinesins: Processivity and Chemomechanical Coupling (Hancock, Howard)
Qantitative Measurements of Myosin Movement In Vitro: The Reductionist Approach Carried to Single Molecules (Spudich)
Structure of Kinesin Motor Domains: Implications for Conformational Switching Involved in Mechanochemical Coupling (Song, Marx, Mandelkow)
Single Molecule Measurements and Molecular Motors (Ishii, Yanagida)
Mitotic Spindle Motors (Scholey, Mogilner)
The Roles of Molecular Motors in Generating Developmental Asymmetry (Fischer)
Motors and Membrane Trafficking (Verhey)
Regulation of Molecular Motors (Haimo)
Molecular Motors in Plant Cells (Reddy)
Myosin Myopathies (Konhilas, Leinwand)
The Role of Dynein in Disease (Vallee, Tai)
Molecular Motors in Sensory Defects (Avraham)
Systematized Engineering of Biomotor-powered Hybrid Devices (Schmidt, Montemagno)
Synthetic Molecular Motors (Delden, Wiel, Koumura, Feringa)
"...essential reading for graduate students in the field of cell motility and molecular motors...recommend it enthusiastically..."
Nature Cell Biology, Vol. 6, 2004

"Molecular Motors is an excellent source book that provides much-needed up-to-date introduction and an important snapshot of current knowledge of a rapidly expanding field of biology."

Edgar Meyhofer, Department of mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Advanced Materials, September3, 2004

"...a unique collection of chapters written by leaders who are well versed with the field...Overall, the book will be an excellent source for both professional and general readers, providing a wide range of in-depth insights into the structure, mechanism, function, and role of molecular motors in the life cycle of a cell."

Quarterly Review of Biology, March-May 2005