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Molecular Nano Dynamics: Vol. I: Spectroscopic Methods and Nanostructures / Vol. II: Active Surfaces, Single Crystals and Single Biocells, 2 Volume Set

Molecular Nano Dynamics: Vol. I: Spectroscopic Methods and Nanostructures / Vol. II: Active Surfaces, Single Crystals and Single Biocells, 2 Volume Set

Hiroshi Fukumura (Editor) , Masahiro Irie (Editor) , Yasuhiro Iwasawa (Editor) , Hiroshi Masuhara (Editor) , Kohei Uosaki (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-32017-2

Nov 2009

740 pages

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From artificial surfaces to living cells, Molecular Nano Dynamics, Vol. I and Vol. II explores more than 40 important methods for dynamic observation of the nanoscale. Edited by absolute science greats from Japan, this two-volume set covers all important aspects of this topic: nanoscale spectroscopy and characterization tools, nanostructure dynamics, single living cell dynamics, active surfaces, and single crystals. Destined to be the definitive reference work on nanoscale molecular dynamics and their observation for years to come, this is a must-have reference for chemists, physicists, physical chemists, theoretical chemists, and materials scientists.
(Volume 1)
Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy Coupled with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Real-Time Measurement of Solid/Liquid Interfacial Electron Transfer Dynamics by Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Time-Resolved Near-Field Spectroscopic Study on Photophysical Processes of Molecules and Quantum Dots at Interfaces
Time-resolved Anisotropic Decays of Polymer Chains Studied by Near-Field Optical Microscopy
Nonlinear Raman Spectroscopy of THz Vibrations at Liquid-Solid Interfaces
Hierarchical Structures in Molecular Systems with Self-Organization Methods
Light-Induced Hierarchical Morphology of Polymer Mixtures Confined in Mesoscopic Length Scales
Molecular Photo-Recognition and Segregation at Solid Surface with Periodic Metal Nano-Architecture
Formation of Nanostructures at the Interface of Polymer Films: Time-Resolved Fluorescence Microspectroscopy
Clarification of Mechanisms of Cooperative Chemical Phenomena by Microspectroscopy in Bistable Systems
Study on Ionic-Liquid/Nanocrystal Interfacial Reaction Based on Single Particle and Single Molecule Spectroscopy
Construction of Nanostructures in Reaction Fields and Measurement of Reaction Dynamics at Solid-Liquid Interfaces by Use of Strong Magnetic Fields and Spin Chemistry
Asymmetric Potential Generation on a Substrate and Reaction Analysis by SECM/
AFM/Optical Microscopy
Control of Temporal Intermittence of Photoluminescence from Single Quantum Dots
Light Scattering Imaging and Femtosecond Nonlinear Processing of Single Living Cells
Super-resolution Infrared Microspectroscopy for Single Living Cells
3D Super-resolution Microspectroscopic Study on Environment-sensitive Photosynthetic Units
Photothermal and Photoinonization Spectroscopy on Single Living Cells
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Study on Single Living Cells in View of External and pH Effects
Photon Force Measurement on Single Living Cells and Their Interactions
Nonlinear Nano Vibrational Spectroscopy for Life Science
Matrix Spectroscopy for Non-invasive Evaluation of Cell Differentiation
Optical Trapping Study on Differentiation of Single ES Cells in Solution
Spectroscopy and Reaction of Gold Nanorods in Living Cells and Organisms
Laser-induced Injection and Plasmon Sensitization of Gold Nanoparticles in Chloroplasts
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy on Molecular Diffusion in Single Living Cells
(Volume 2)
Catalysts and Surfaces by Dynamic XAFS
Surface Reactions by Dynamic NEXAFS
Nuclear Wavepacket Dynamics in Ultrashort Pulse Induced Surface Photochemical Reactions
Ultrafast Near-Field Spectroscopy on Spatiotemporal Coherence of Elementary Excitations in Nanostructures
Real Time Observation of Surface Chemical Reaction by Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Quantum Dynamics and Control of Surface Ultra-Fast Processes
Dynamic Behavior of Active Ag species in NOx Reduction on Ag/Al2O3
Dynamic Behavior of Active Structures During Catalysis
Structures for Photocatalysis
Morphology Changes of Photochromic Single Crsytals
Ultra-Fine Structural Control of Organic Crystals Using Solid-State Polymerization Reactions
Temporal and Space Resolved Detection of Laser-Induced Crystallization Processes
Crystal Growth by Photo-Induced Intermolecular Interaction
Time-Resolved Structure Analysis of Photo-Induced Crystalline State Reaction with MSGC Detector
Reaction Dynamics Study of Single Crystalline Photochromisim of Disulfone Complexes
Measurements and Dynamics of Intercalation into Organic Layered Crystals
Morphology Change and Structure Control of Organic Cocrystals
"This two-volume set provides readers with a concise introduction to a broad and diverse research area. The discussions and references in this set will stimulate further advancements in the studies of chemical reaction dynamics in nanosystems of supramolecules, colloids, and ultrasmall materials." (JACS, 2010)