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Molecular Physics

Wolfgang Demtröder

ISBN: 978-3-527-61810-1

Sep 2008

484 pages



The richly illustrated book comprehensively explains the important principles of diatomic and polyatomic molecules and their spectra in two separate, distinct parts. The first part concentrates on the theoretical aspects of molecular physics, such as the vibration, rotation, electronic states, potential curves, and spectra of molecules. The different methods of approximation for the calculation of electronic wave functions and their energy are also covered. The introduction of basics terms used in group theory and their meaning in molecular physics enables an elegant description of polyatomic molecules and their symmetries. Molecular spectra and the dynamic processes involved in their excited states are given its own chapter. The theoretical part then concludes with a discussion of the field of Van der Waals molecules and clusters.
The second part is devoted entirely to experimental techniques, such as laser, Fourier, NMR, and ESR spectroscopies, used in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and material science. Time-resolved measurements and the influence of chemical reactions by coherent controls are also treated. A list of general textbooks and specialized literature is provided for further reading.
With specific examples, definitions, and notes integrated within the text to aid understanding, this is suitable for undergraduates and graduates in physics and chemistry with a knowledge of atomic physics and familiar with the basics of quantum mechanics.
1. Introduction
2. Electronic States of Molecules
3. Rotation, Oscillation and Potential Curves of Diatomic Molecules
4. The Spectra of Diatomic Molecules
5. Molecule Symmetries and Group Theory
6. Rotation and Oscillations of Polyatomic Molecules
7. Electronic States of Polyatomic Molecules
8. The Spectra of Polyatomic Molecules
9. Collapse of the Born-Oppenheimer-Approximation, Disturbances in Molecular Spectra
10. Molecules in Disturbing Fields
11. Van-der-Waals-Molecules and Cluster
12. Experimental Techniques in Molecular Physics
"This book can be recommended to students looking for a textbook on molecular spectroscopy. The organization of the material is oriented towards the needs of undergraduate students, but nevertheless the book is comprehensive and will also be of value for more advanced readers."
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