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Molecular Technology: Material and Synthesis Innovation

Molecular Technology: Material and Synthesis Innovation

Hisashi Yamamoto, Takashi Kato

ISBN: 978-3-527-80272-2

Sep 2018

248 pages

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Edited by foremost leaders in chemical research together with a number of distinguished international authors, this third and final volume summarizes the most important and promising recent chemical developments in energy science all in one book.

Interdisciplinary and application-oriented, this ready reference focuses on chemical methods that deliver practical solutions for energy problems, covering new developments in advanced materials for energy conversion, semiconductors and much more besides.

Of great interest to chemists as well as researchers in the fields of energy science in academia and industry.

Molecular Technologies for the discovery of novel functional natural product-like molecules
Development of Molecular Technology for Ideal Chemical Transformations
Establishment of Computational Molecular Technology towards Macroscopic Chemical Phenomena
Next-generation Systems for Asymmetric Catalysis Featuring Switch and Amplification of Chirality
Development of Novel Synthetic Transformations by Cooperative Multi-Element catalysis
Development of Molecular Technology for Designing Chemical Reactions Based on Automated Reaction Path Search Methods
In Situ Aqueous Precision Polymerization for Self-Organized Polymers Aimed to Create Nanomolecular Materials.
Creation of Magnetic Functional Devices by Biomimetic Molecular Technology and Self-Organization.
Creative Macromolecular Chains via Bond Manipulation: Advanced Functions from Control of Position, Sequence, and Topology.