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Molecular Technology: Materials Innovation

Molecular Technology: Materials Innovation

Hisashi Yamamoto, Takashi Kato

ISBN: 978-3-527-34161-0

Feb 2019

350 pages


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Edited by foremost leaders in chemical research together with a number of distinguished international authors, this third volume summarizes the most important and promising recent developments in material science in one book.

Interdisciplinary and application-oriented, this ready reference focuses on innovative methods, covering new developments in photofunctional materials, polymer chemistry, surface science and more. Of great interest to chemists as well as material scientists alike.
Control of electronic property of C60 fullerene via polymerization
Flapping molecules for photofunctional materials
Catechol-Containing Polymers: A Biomimetic Approach for Creating Novel Adhesive and Reducing Polymers
Development of Ultra-Microfabricating Polymeric Materials and ist Self-Assembly Technology
Molecular Simulations of Deformation and Fracture Processes of Crystalline Polymers
A Tale of chirality transfer, multi-step chirality transfer from molecules to molecular assemblies, organic to inorganic materials, then to functional materials
Solution Plasma Reactions and Materials Synthesis
"Global Reaction Route Mapping Strategy:
A Tool for Finding New Chemistry in Computers
Computational Molecular Technology towards Macroscopic Chemical Phenomena: Red Moon Methodology and its Related Applications
Multi-timescale Measurements with Energetic Beams for Molecular Technology
Single Molecule Magnet for Quantum Information Process'