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Molecular Technology: Three Volumes

Molecular Technology: Three Volumes

Hisashi Yamamoto, Takashi Kato

ISBN: 978-3-527-80311-8

Jan 2019

400 pages

Select type: O-Book


Written by the "Who's Who" in the field, this highly topical handbook presents the latest innovations in molecular technology for life and energy science and for novel environmentally-friendly materials and processes.
The three volumes cover green, life and energy innovation in each case, providing a comprehensive and high-quality overview of the topic. Application-oriented throughout, the focus lies on chemical methods that offer practical solutions to real problems, such as low-power consuming devices, new innovative methods for drug delivery, or energy efficient reactions.
The result is the perfect and ultimate one-stop reference in this field and indispensable reading for chemists, material scientists and life scientists working in both academia and industry.
Molecular Technologies for the discovery of novel functional natural product-like molecules
Development of Molecular Technology for Ideal Chemical Transformations
Establishment of Computational Molecular Technology towards Macroscopic Chemical Phenomena
Next-generation Systems for Asymmetric Catalysis Featuring Switch and Amplification of Chirality
Development of Novel Synthetic Transformations by Cooperative Multi-Element catalysis
Development of Molecular Technology for Designing Chemical Reactions Based on Automated Reaction Path Search Methods
In Situ Aqueous Precision Polymerization for Self-Organized Polymers Aimed to Create Nanomolecular Materials.
Creation of Magnetic Functional Devices by Biomimetic Molecular Technology and Self-Organization.
Creative Macromolecular Chains via Bond Manipulation: Advanced Functions from Control of Position, Sequence, and Topology.

Development for molecular technology with new class of nucleotide drug
Sensitive Molecular Technologies for the analysis of biomolecules in vivo
In situ analysis of natural proteins by establishment of live-cell organic chemistry
Molecular Technology for Chemical Control of Epigenetics towards Drug Discovery
Study on structure formation of quantized pDNA folding and its application for gene delivery system.
Creation of highly oriented functional molecular films utilizing liquid phase interfaces.
Synthesis of skeletally diverse and densely functionalized scaffolds and development of biological interface for production of useful molecules.
Photoinduced structural dynamics of functional organic materials explored with femtosecond electron probes.
Creation of Ultra-microfabricating Molecular Materials and Self-assembly Technology.

Creation of Quantum Molecular Spintronics Based on Single- Molecule Magnets by Using Molecular Technology
Development of Molecular Technology for Solar Enegy Conversion to Chemical Energy
Exploitation of Coordination Molecular Technology That Leads to the Creation of New Conceptual Ionic Solids with New Functionalities
Electron Microscopic Approach to Molecular Technology of Fluctional Molecules
Establishment of large-scale quantum transport simulation method for creation of high performance organic materials.
Development of a Novel Technique to Construct Topological Supramolecules Utilizing DNA Nanostructures.
"Transformation of p-Electron System" as a Molecular Technology for the Creation of New Functional Materials.
Photoinduced Transformation and Photodriven Transportation of Supramolecular Structures.
Molecular Interface Science of p-Conjugated Carbon Complexes on Non-Equilibrated States.
Creation of an innovative organic semiconduct molecular system.
Revealing mechanical, electronic, and chemical properties of molecules at atomic-scale.