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Molecule Surface Interactions, Volume 76

Molecule Surface Interactions, Volume 76

K. P. Lawley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-14125-0 March 2007 400 Pages



This text is the first of a two-volume work on molecule surface interactions addressing topics in chemical physics, surface science, physical chemistry, materials science, and electronics and semiconductor manufacture. As with the other titles in the Advances in Chemical Physics series, the chapters are written by an international group of contributors and cover a wide range of important issues in the field.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecules Adsorbed on Metal Surfaces (R. Ryberg).

Molecular Desorption from Solid Surfaces: Laser Diagnostics and Chemical Dynamics (D. King & R. Cavanagh).

Monte Carlo Calculations on Phase Transitions in Adsorbed Layers (K. Binder & D. Landau).

Model Studies of Surface Catalyzed Reactions (A. Sault & D. Goodman).

Hellium-Scattering Studies of the Dynamics and Phase Transitions of Surfaces (K. Kern & G. Comsa).

Gas-Surface Reactions: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Real Systems (D. Brenner & B. Garrison).

Theory of Resonant Charge Transfer in Atom-Surface Scattering (A. Amos, et al.).

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