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Money and Capital Markets, 3rd Edition



Money and Capital Markets, 3rd Edition

Miles Livingston

ISBN: 978-1-557-86884-8 June 1996 588 Pages


Money and Capital Markets offers thorough coverage of financial institutuions and markets for upper level endergraduate and MBA students.
Prerequisites for the text are an introductory finance course and basic knowledge of algebra. Money and capital Markets presents the major theories of the impact of inflation, government spending, and monetary policy upon interest rates. In order to emphasize factors determining the prices and risks of financial instruments, descriptive information about institutions is kept to a minimum. The links between different types of securities are shown through risk-free arbitrage. this allows lecturers and students to establish frameworks for linking different types of bonds and connecting futures markets with spot markets.
The third edition features:

  • Updated institutional information, including coverage of US treasury auctions, investment banking, brokers and dealers, bank regulation, and mortagage markets.

  • Extensively revised end of chapter problems challenging the student to think critically.

  • More user friendly chapters on spot and forward interest rates, coupon-bearing bands, bond investment risks and features.
1. Introduction.

2. Determinants of Interest Rates.

3. Neo-Keynesian Model.

4. Federal Reserve.

5. Issuers of Securities.

6. Financial Intermediaries.

7. Bank Regulation and Management.

8. Efficient Markets.

9. Spot and Forward Interest Rates.

10. Coupon-Bearing Bonds.

11. Bond Investment Risks and Portfolio Strategies.

12. The Term Structure of Interest Rates.

13. Default Risk.

14. Call Features on Bonds.

15. Mortgages.

16. Money Market Instruments.

17. International Financial Markets.

18. Municipal Bonds and Taxation.

19. Equities.

20. Puts and Calls.

21. Futures Contracts.

22. Financial Futures Contracts.

23. Swaps and Financial Engineering.

* Classroom tested.

* Includes updated institutional information, including coverage of US Treasury auctions, investment banking, and bank regulation.

* Extensively revised end-of-chapter problems challenge the student to think critically.

* Comprehensive Instructor's Manual available.