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The Genetic and Environmental Origins of Learning Abilities and Disabilities in the Early School Years

Yulia Kovas, Claire M. A. Haworth, Philip S. Dale, Robert Plomin, Jennifer Thomson, Kurt W. Fischer

Early Social Cognition in Three Cultural Contexts

Tara Callaghan, Henrike Moll, Hannes Rakoczy, Felix Warneken, Ulf Liszkowski, Tanya Behne, Michael Tomasello

The Development of Ambiguous Figure Perception

Marina C. Wimmer, Martin J. Doherty

The Better Beginnings, Better Futures Project: Findings from Grade 3 to Grade 9

Ray DeV. Peters, Alison J. Bradshaw, Kelly Petrunka, Geoffrey Nelson, Yves Herry, Wendy M. Craig, Robert Arnold, Kevin C. H. Paker, Shahriar R. Khan, Jeffrey S. Hoch, S. Mark Pancer, Colleen Loomis, Jean-Marc Bélanger, Susan Evers, Claire Maltais, Katherine Thompson, Melissa D. Rossiter

Deprivation-Specific Psychological Patterns: Effects of Institutional Deprivation

Sir Michael J. Rutter, Edmund J. Sonuga-Barke, Celia Beckett, Jennifer Castle, Jana Kreppner, Robert Kumsta, Wolff Schlotz, Suzanne Stevens, Christopher A. Bell, Megan R. Gunnar

A Dynamic Cascade Model of the Development of Substance - Use Onset

Kenneth A. Dodge, Patrick S. Malone, Jennifer E. Lansford, Shari Miller, Gregory S. Pettit, John E. Bates, John E. Schulenberg, Julie Maslowsky

Flexibility in Early Verb Use: Evidence from a Multiple-n Diary Study

Letitia R. Naigles, Erika Hoff, Donna Vea, Michael Tomasello, Silke Brandt, Sandra R. Waxman, Jane B. Childers

The Effects of Early Social-Emotional and Relationship Experience on the Development of Young Orphanage Children

The St. Petersburg-USA Orphanage Research Team, Susan C. Crockenberg, Sir Michael J. Rutter, Marian J. Bakerman-Kranenburg, Marinus H. Van IJzendoorn, Femmie Juffer
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  • of 5 Pages
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