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More Award-Winning Science Fair Projects



More Award-Winning Science Fair Projects

Julianne Blair Bochinski, Judy DiBiase (Illustrator)

ISBN: 978-0-471-27337-0 November 2003 228 Pages

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Today's science fairs are more challenging than ever before, with projects that are much more sophisticated than your dad's old volcano model. That's why this follow-up to the classic Complete Handbook of Science Fair Projects, by Julianne Bochinski, presents 35 all-new, award-winning science fair projects developed and presented by actual students. More Award-Winning Science Fair Projects gives you the information you need to compete in today's science fairs.

Each project includes:
* A detailed introduction, including the purpose and hypothesis
* A complete list of materials needed
* Step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the experiment
* Inquiry questions to help you evaluate your own results

In addition, this book gives you a thorough introduction to developing your own science project, from choosing and researching a topic and finding a mentor, to organizing experiments and data and setting up a backboard, to delivering a top-notch oral presentation. Plus, you'll find over 400 ideas for science fair topics, 100 award-winning project titles, project supply sources, science fair listings, and more.

Creating a successful science fair project can be an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience. Get in on the fun and create an interesting, impressive project of your own. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish with More Award-Winning Science Fair Projects!

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Chapter 1. Science Fairs and Science Fair Projects.

Chapter 2. Before You Get Started.

Chapter 3. Getting Started.

Chapter 4. Planning and Conducting Your Experiment.

Chapter 5. Organizing and Presenting Data.

Chapter 6. The Display: Putting It All Together for the Fair.

Chapter 7. At the Fair.


1. Does the Composition of Rosin Affect the Sound a Violin Produces? (Physics)

2. A Hare-Raising Experience: Do Mendel's Theories on Heredity Apply to Rabbits? (Biology)

3. Heat of Reaction. (Chemistry)

4. A Study and Comparison of the Quantity and Potency of Antioxidents Amongst Various Teas. (Biochemistry)

5. Is there a Correlation Between Toilet Paper Texture/Thickness and Low Flow Toilet Bowl Clogging? (Environmental Science)

6. Which Vegetable Plant Has the Greatest Development of Calluses After Being Cloned? (Botany)

7. Sight Through Sound I: Can Shape and Color Be Visualized Through Sound? Phase I —Sighted Individuals. (Behavioral Science)

8. Sight Through Sound II: Can Shape and Color Be Visualized Through Sound? Phase II—Visually Impaired Individuals. (Behavioral Science)

9. Evaluating Peak Load and Noise Pollution in Different Types of Asphalt. (Environmental Science) 

10. Effects of Garlic and Vitamin C on High Blood Pressure in Human Subjects. (Health and Medicine)

11. The Chladni Effect: Is there a Relationship Between the Freuencies Produced and Patterns Created Using Bowed Plates of Various Metals? (Physics)

12. Natural Attic Ventilation. (Engineering)

13. Legal Tender or Criminal Evidence? (Chemistry)

14. Can Mosquitoes Be Safely and Effectively Eliminated Through Identifying The Variables that Attract Them? (Behavioral Science)

15. Does Coating Metals Prevent Their Corrosion?: A Study of the Effect of Corrosion on Metals in Different Environments. (Environmental Science) 

16. Are Rodents Territorial? (Zoology) 

17. Can Water Hardness Be Determined Through Soap Bubbles? (Chemistry)

18. Can Pascal's Triangle Be Found in Various Graphs and Patterns in Various Situations? (Mathematics)

19. Do Aluminum Pots, Pans, and Foil Leach Aluminum to Acidic Foods Cooked in These Mediums? (Chemistry)

20. Does Killing Soil Microorganisms Results in Better Plant Growth? (Botany)

21. Which Types of Flame Retardant Is Most Effective in Reducing the Flammability of an Evergreen Tree? (Environmental Science)

 22. Electromagnetic Emmission: Testing and Comparing the Nonionizing Radiation from Cellular Phones for Relative Safety. (Physics)

23. Can Acid Solutions Remove Green Tones in Light Colored Hair Caused by Copper in Swimming Pools? (Chemistry)

24. Which Environment Harbors the Most Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria? (Microbiology)

25. Do Earthworms Affect the Level of Nitrates and Phosphates Found in Fertilized Soil? (Environmental Science) 

26. Can Canker Be Transmitted to Healthy Trees Through Infected Soil? (Botany)

27. What Is the Growth Rate of Mold Among Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate Food Products? (Microbiology)

28. Do Typology Theories on Personality Apply to Handwriting? (Behavioral Science)

29. Which Food or Beverage Provides the Most Immediate and Lasting Source of Glucose to a Hypoglycemic Person? (Health and Medicine)

30. Do Temperature and Humidity Affect the Sound of Notes Played on a Church Organ? (Physics)

31. Does Cooking Fruits and Vegetables Deplete Their Vitamin C Content? (Biochemistry)

32. Which Types of Wood Resists Water Absorption the Best in a Natural State and with Surface Coatings? (Environmental Science)

33. Which Type of Nonmercury Body Temperature Thermometer Is the Most Accurate? (Health and Medicine) 

34. A Study of the Presence of Bacteria in Moist Disposable Towelettes and Antibacterial Wipes. (Microbiology)

35. The Efficacy of Oral Rinses on the Accumulation of Bacteria in the Mouth. (Microbiology) 


Appendix A: 400+ Ideas for Science Fair Project Topics.

Appendix B: 100+ Project Titles of Award-Winning Projects.

Appendix C: Scientific Supply Companies.

Appendix D: State, Regional, and International Science and Engineering Fairs.

Appendix E: Alternative Science Project Competitions.