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More Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making: Techniques to Take Your Projects to the Next Level

More Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making: Techniques to Take Your Projects to the Next Level

Chris Franchetti Michaels

ISBN: 978-1-118-08334-5

Mar 2012

320 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The visual way to advance your jewelry making

Unlike other crafts that focus on a fairly narrow range of techniques and materials, jewelry making is very broad; the techniques encompass everything from bead stringing to metal stamping to working with different types of clay. More Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making picks up where Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making & Beading leaves off and gives you even more techniques to create new types of jewelry.

Beginning with a concise overview of jewelry making tools and essential techniques, the book gives you technique-specific chapters covering: designing with chain, basic metal work, metal cold connections, sculpting with metal clay, embellishing metal, using adhesives, and working with resin, glaze, and leather. Plus, a chapter of example projects gives you instruction for making 11 unique pieces to add to your jewelry collection.

  • Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by clear, detailed photos
  • Features a collection of appealing patterns using the techniques described
  • Other titles by Chris Franchetti Michaels: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making & Beading, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Beadwork, Beading VISUAL Quick Tips, and Wire Jewelry VISUAL Quick Tips

If you're a beginning to intermediate jewelry maker looking to add up-to-the-minute techniques to your repertoire, More Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making has you covered.

CHAPTER 1 Getting Started 2

How to Use This Book 4

Essential Tools and Supplies 6

More Specialized Tools and Supplies 8

CHAPTER 2 Essential Techniques 24

Cut Wire 26

Make and Use Jump Rings 27

Form Wire Links and Wraps 30

String Beads 34

CHAPTER 3 Metal Types and Terminology 36

Metals Used for Making Jewelry 38

Gauge 41

Temper 42

Metal Care and Safety 43

CHAPTER 4 Basic Metal Work 44

Pierce Metal 46

Cut Metal 54

Bend and Shape Metal 62

Transfer a Design to Metal 70

CHAPTER 5 Finishing and Embellishing Metal 72

File and Sand Metal 74

Texturize Metal 78

Polish Metal 80

Use Metal Punch Stamps 82

Color and Stamp Metal with Inks 86

Paint Metal 90

Create a Patina 92

CHAPTER 6 Joining with Cold Connections 96

Join Components with Rivets 98

Make Your Own Rivets 102

Install Miniature Hardware 108

Attach Components with Tabs 110

Stitch with Wire 112

CHAPTER 7 Sculpting with Metal Clay 120

Metal Clay Basics 122

How to Select Metal Clay 124

Form and Shape Metal Clay 128

Join Clay to Clay 136

Attach Findings to Metal Clay 138

Make Settings in Metal Clay 140

Dry and Refine Unfired Clay 142

Fire Metal Clay 144

Finish and Embellish Fired Clay 150

CHAPTER 8 Using Adhesives 152

Types of Adhesives 154

Techniques for Successful Gluing 156

Set a Cabochon, Glass Tile, or Stone 158

Adhere an Image to Glass 164

Attach a Pendant Bail 168

CHAPTER 9 Making Resin Jewelry 170

Types of Jewelry Resin 172

Prepare Two-Part Resin 174

Colorize Resin 176

Apply Resin 178

Cast Resin in a Mold 184

Embed and Layer Resin 186

Cure Resin 190

Refine and Finish Resin 193

CHAPTER 10 Designing with Chain 194

Types of Jewelry Chain 196

Chain Design Considerations 198

Cut or Divide Chain 200

Connect and Finish Chain 204

Make a Chain Tassel 212

CHAPTER 11 Working with Leather 214

Leather Facts 216

Dye Leather 218

Cut Leather 222

Pierce Leather 224

Stamp Leather 226

Seal Leather 228

Hand-Stitch Leather 230

Install Leather Hardware 232

CHAPTER 12 Projects 238

Insect Wing Brass Earrings 240

Filigree and Gemstone Ring 242

Crystal Key Necklace 246

Paint-Stamped Connector Bracelet 249

Impressed Bronze Clay Focals 252

Boho Tooled Leather Cuff  256

Filigree Wrap and Tassel Necklace 262

Pierced Metal Feline Necklace 265

Silver Clay Pinch Beads 273

Mossy Resin Pendant 276

Mixed Verse Necklace 279

APPENDIX Reference Materials 292

Suppliers and Resources 293

General Reference Charts 295

How to Set Up a Jeweler's Saw 299

Index 302

Bonus Content