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Mormonism For Dummies

Mormonism For Dummies

Jana Riess , Christopher Kimball Bigelow

ISBN: 978-0-764-57195-4

Feb 2005

384 pages

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Get the facts on temples, tithing, missions, and caffeine

Mormon doctrines, rituals, and history, demystified at last!

Mormonism, or the LDS Church, is one of the world's fastest growing religions. But unless you were raised a Mormon, you probably don't have a clear picture of LDS beliefs and practices. Covering everything from Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon to tithing and family home evening, this friendly guide will get you up to speed in no time.

* How the LDS Church differs from other Christian churches
* What Mormons believe
* What happens in Mormon temples and meetinghouses
* The history of the LDS Church
* LDS debates on race, women, and polygamy

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Part I: What the Mormon Faith Is All About.

Chapter 1: A New World Religion.

Chapter 2: The Mormon Plan of Salvation.

Chapter 3: Heavenly Parents, Savior, and Holy Ghost.

Chapter 4: Restoring the Priesthood and the Church.

Chapter 5: Together Forever: The Eternal Importance of Family.

Part II: Eternal Rituals and Endless Meetings.

Chapter 6: Welcome to the Meetinghouse!

Chapter 7: Sacred, Not Secret: Inside Mormon Temples.

Chapter 8: In and around Church Headquarters.

Part III: Holy Books and Sacred History.

Chapter 9: The Bible and the Book of Mormon.

Chapter 10: Mormonism’s Other Scriptures.

Chapter 11: Searching for a Home.

Chapter 12: Moving on to Utah with Brigham Young.

Chapter 13: Building the Kingdom in Utah.

Part IV: Mormonism Today.

Chapter 14: Called to Serve: Missionaries and International Growth.

Chapter 15: Hot-Button Issues for Mormons.

Chapter 16: Sacrificing on Earth to Receive Blessings in Heaven.1

Chapter 17: Connecting with God and Each Other.

Chapter 18: In the World but Not of the World.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Famous Mormons.

Chapter 20: Quick Answers to Ten Common Questions About Mormonism.

Chapter 21: Ten Mormon Places to Visit.