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Morrisey on Planning, A Guide to Tactical Planning: Producing Your Short-Term Results

Morrisey on Planning, A Guide to Tactical Planning: Producing Your Short-Term Results

George L. Morrisey

ISBN: 978-0-787-90170-7

Nov 1995, Jossey-Bass

160 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The third volume in a three-volume series, A Guide to Tactical Planning offers all managers and professionals hands-on tools they can use to develop meaningful short-term results through tactical planning techniques.

As with the other volumes in this series, George Morrisey--long recognized as a leading expert in the areas of planning and strategic thinking--offers his insights into how planning actually works in organizations.

Succinct and easy to read, the books in this series can be used in any sequence, and stand on their own as individual guides to more effective planning. The companion volumes include Volume One: A Guide to Strategic Thinking, and Volume Two: A Guide to Long-Range Planning. Each draws on examples from individual departments and work units as well as from the perspective of the total organization, making them useful for all types of planning at any level of an organization.
Introduction to the Series.

Who Does the Planning? You, That's Who!Why Plan? Results, That's Why!

What? Planned Results, That's What!How? Tactical Planning, That's How!

What's Your Focus? Determining Your Unit's Key Results Areas.

What's Important? Identifying and Analyzing Your Critical Issues.

How Should You Measure Results? Selecting Your Key Performance Indicators.

What Are Your Targets? Establishing Your Objectives and Standards.

How Will You Reach Your Targets? Preparing Your Action Plans.

How Will You Know and What Will You Do? Reviewing and Modifying Your Plans.

How Can You Make It Work? Assessing and Implementing Your Planning Process.

Developing Yuor Unit's Roles and Missions.

Annotated Resources.