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Multidimensional NMR in Liquids: Basic Principles and Experimental Methods

Multidimensional NMR in Liquids: Basic Principles and Experimental Methods

F. J. M. van de Ven

ISBN: 978-0-471-18594-9

Oct 1995

424 pages

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Multidimensional NMR in Liquids offers a lucid treatment of basic NMR phenomena, building up to today's most sophisticated NMR experiments from first principles. Using easy-to-grasp product-operator formalism, diagrams, and practical examples, one-, two-, and N-dimensional NMR experiments are explained with minimal recourse to quantum mechanics. Separate theoretical sections are provided for readers interested in spin-quantum mechanics, as are the appendices providing theoretical backgrounds in linear algebra, quantum mechanics, and angular momentum.

Following a systematic and rigorous description of all important 2D experiments (including the applications of pulsed field gradients), up-to-date coverage is given of three-dimensional and four-dimensional homo- and heteronuclear NMR experiments. The book provides original descriptions of complicated topics such as strong coupling, decoupling, and cross-polarization. The final chapter presents the basic concepts of relaxation, followed by an introduction to density operator relaxation theory.
Multidimensional NMR in Liquids is intended for chemists, biochemists, and others interested in studying molecular structure and dynamics with NMR spectroscopy. It also is suitable for use as a text in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in NMR.
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Multi Spin Systems/
One-Dimensional NMR/
Two-Dimensional NMR/
N-Dimensional NMR/
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