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Musical Sound Effects: Analog and Digital Sound Processing

Musical Sound Effects: Analog and Digital Sound Processing

Jean-Michel Réveillac

ISBN: 978-1-786-30131-4 March 2018 Wiley-ISTE 376 Pages


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For decades performers, instrumentalists, composers, technicians and sound engineers continue to manipulate sound material. They are trying with more or less success to create, to innovate, improve, enhance, restore or modify the musical message. The sound of distorted guitar of Jimi Hendrix, Pierre Henry’s concrete music, Pink Flyod’s rock psychedelic, Kraftwerk ‘s electronic music, Daft Punk and rap T-Pain, have let emerge many effects: reverb, compression, distortion, auto-tune, filter, chorus, phasing, etc. The aim of this book is to introduce and explain these effects and sound treatments by addressing their theoretical and practical aspects.

Chapter 1. Sound, and a few theories
Chapter 2. Sound dissemination and listening
Chapter 3. Types of effects
Chapter 4. Filtering effects
Chapter 5. Moduling effects
Chapter 6. frequential effects
Chapter 7. Dynamic effects
Chapter 8. Temporal effects
Chapter 9. Combined effects
Chapter 10. The uncategorisable
Chapter 11. Equipments and software