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My Word Is My Bond: Voices from Inside the Chicago Board of Trade

My Word Is My Bond: Voices from Inside the Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Board of Trade, Arlene Michlin Bronstein

ISBN: 978-0-470-37019-3 December 2015 512 Pages


My Word Is My Bond is an intimate look into the Chicago Board of Trade. It contains a collection of interviews with twenty-one of the most influential members of that established bastion of auction markets. The author explores each participant in-depth and takes you to a never- before-seen place on the exchange floor—and beyond. In between the covers of this thought-provoking and deeply insightful book, you will find a collective memory that spans 100 years.



Chapter 1. Patrick Arbor: Advocate For Innovation.

Chapter 2. Keith D. Bronstein: A Dream Fulfilled.

Chapter 3. Bernard P. Carey: Integrity–The Basis Of All Trade.

Chapter 4. Charles P. Carey: A Family Legacy.

Chapter 5. Thomas J. Cashman: Traditions Passed Down.

Chapter 6. Bernard W. Dan: Architect Of Change.

Chapter 7. Burt Gutterman: Straight Talk.

Chapter 8. Dan Henning: A Twist Of Fate.

Chapter 9. Jordan Hollander: Four Generations At Work.

Chapter 10. Mary Ann Jablonski: The Experience Of A Lifetime.

Chapter 11. Paul R.T. Johnson: Service Provided In High Style.

Chapter 12. Edmund O'Connor: Creative Partnership of Brothers.

Chapter 13. C.C. Odom: Hard Work And Imagination.

Chapter 14. John Pietrzak: In His Family's Footsteps.

Chapter 15. Pamela R. Rogers: Giving Back.

Chapter 16. Leslie Rosenthal: Unequaled Leadership.

Chapter 17. Richard Sandor: Market Maker.

Chapter 18. Rick Santelli: Passion For The Markets.

Chapter 19. George Seals: From Football To The Floor.

Chapter 20. Lee B. Stern: My Word Is My Bond.

Chapter 21. Fred Uhlmann: Leadership Rooted In Family Tradition.