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The journal Mycoses provides an international forum for original papers in English on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy, prophylaxis, and epidemiology of fungal infectious diseases in humans and animals as well as on the biology of pathogenic fungi. Prominent mycoses of the skin have always been the domain of dermatology. Otorhinolaryngologists, gastroenterologists, and gynecologists are confronted with mycoses of the mucous membranes.

Medical mycology as part of medical microbiology is advancing rapidly. Effective therapeutic strategies are already available in chemotherapy and are being further developed. Their application requires reliable laboratory diagnostic techniques, which, in turn, result from mycological basic research. Opportunistic mycoses vary greatly in their clinical and pathological symptoms, because the underlying disease of a patient at risk decisively determines their symptomatology and progress. Therefore, case histories are highly informative. Short communications on mycological topics complete the original articles. The journal mycoses is, therefore, of interest to scientists in fundamental mycological research, mycological laboratory diagnosticians, clinicians in all fields, and veterinarians.

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