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Mythos Führungskraft: Konzepte, Tugenden, Erfolgsgeheimnisse

Mythos Führungskraft: Konzepte, Tugenden, Erfolgsgeheimnisse

Werner Katzengruber

ISBN: 978-3-527-50550-0

Dec 2010

315 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Katzengruber's book dispels the myths surrounding leadership. Countless books have already described how leaders behave, what they have to be capable of and what they should do. Leaving the theory aside, practice shows what really makes a good leader.
- How do successful leaders really act?
- What forms of leadership do they use?
- How do they motivate their staff in difficult times?
Using examples and reports of real-life experience the prevailing myths are critically examined. Are the much-talked about social competences really important? Is the widely disseminated cooperative management style really ideal for achieving top performance? How does a manager become a charismatic leader? These and many other questions are raised, answered and backed by impressive examples. Interviews with successful leaders from various sectors illustrate the practical application of management instruments - the book does not just ask questions but also offers solutions.