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NMR-Spectroscopy: Processing Strategies

NMR-Spectroscopy: Processing Strategies

Peter Bigler

ISBN: 978-3-527-61917-7

Apr 2008

266 pages

Select type: O-Book


The Entrance to Practical NMR Spectroscopy
This interactive tutorial is designed to introduce newcomers to the crucial and central step of NMR data processing. It enables and encourages you to process measured data according to your own special needs and ideas, rather than having to rely on automatic processing or specialist help.
You are shown how to transform NMR data into 1D or 2D spectra in easy steps. Various processing strategies are explained, the necessary theoretical background presented, and practical hints, examples, exercises and problems are all included. The accompanying CD-ROM provides a comprehensive NMR data base and powerful software tools, based on WIN-NMR software designed by Bruker, which enable you to make best use of your NMR data.
It is the interactive approach of using text, software and the appropriate sets of data that makes this a unique book on NMR spectroscopy.
1 Introduction
2 Your Personal "PC-NMR Processing Station"
Technical Requirements
Software Tools
Software- and Hardwareproblems
NMR Data
Data Formats
Data Import
3 Modern Homo- and Heteronuclear 1D-and 2D NMR Experiments
The NMR Experiment
1D Experiments
2D Experiments
4 How to Display and Plot 1D and 2D Spectra
HELP Routines
Application Windows for 1D WINMNR and 2D WINNMR
File Handling
Display of 1D Spectra with 1D WINNMR
Basic Processing Steps with 1D Spectra
Plot of 1D Spectra
Display of 2D Spectra with 2D WINNMR
Basic Processing Steps with 2D WINNMR
Plot of 2D Spectra
5 How to Process 1D and 2D NMR Data
Basic Processing
Advanced Processing in the Time Domain
Advanced Processing in the Frequency Domain
Automatic Processing
6 NMR Data of an unknown Oligosaccharide
Strategy to solve Structural Problems
Processing the NMR Data of the unknown Oligosaccharide
The Structure of the Oligosaccharide