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NMR in Organometallic Chemistry

Paul S. Pregosin

ISBN: 978-3-527-68031-3 July 2013 406 Pages


The first and ultimate guide for anyone working in transition organometallic chemistry and related fields, providing the background and
practical guidance on how to efficiently work with routine research problems in NMR.
The book adopts a problem-solving approach with many examples taken from recent literature to show readers how to interpret the data.
Perfect for PhD students, postdocs and other newcomers in organometallic and inorganic chemistry, as well as for organic chemists
involved in transition metal catalysis.

Preface XI

Abbreviations XIII

1 Introduction 1

2 Routine Measuring and Relaxation 7

3 COSY and HMQC 2-D Sequences 19

4 Overhauser Effects and 2-D NOESY 39

5 Diffusion Constants via NMR Measurements 55

6 Chemical Shifts 63

7 Coupling Constants 207

8 Dynamics 279

9 Preface to the Problems 311

10 Organometallic Introduction 313

11 NMR Problems 319

12 Solutions to the Problems and Comments 361

Index 389

“However, it certainly conveys its author’s undoubted enthusiasm, and most organometallic and coordination chemists will find it well worth their while to dip into it.”  (Applied Organometal.Chemistry, 1 June 2013)