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NOOK For Dummies

NOOK For Dummies

Corey Sandler

ISBN: 978-1-118-05782-7

Feb 2011

384 pages

Select type: E-Book



NOOK For Dummies provides readers with all the information they need in order to get the most out of their NOOK e-reader.

Key topics covered include:

  • Introducing the ebook and e-reader concept
  • Navigating the technical aspects of The NOOK including touchscreen technology, wireless access, software updates
  • Downloading and shopping for e-books
  • Listening to music on your NOOK
  • Powering the NOOK
  • Formats
  • Reading an e-book on an e-reader, including lighting, font adjustments, and so on
  • Using the Android-based applications that come with the NOOK
  • Listening to audio books on the NOOK
  • Creating your own ebooks
  • Personalizing the NOOK, including accessories (B&N expects a strong revenue stream from what they call the "NOOK Eco-System," which will include the accessories, personalizations, applications, and more)
  • Sharing books on The NOOK
  • Internet Resources
  • 10 Things Other Than A Book to Keep on Your NOOK