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Name Reactions for Homologation, Part 2

Name Reactions for Homologation, Part 2

Jie Jack Li (Editor), E. J. Corey (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-48703-7 May 2009 872 Pages




"A valuable addition to the literature by any measure and surely will prove its merit in years to come. The new knowledge that arises with its help will be impressive and of great benefit to humankind."
From the Foreword by E. J. Corey, Nobel Prize Laureate

An invaluable guide to name reactions and reagents for homologations

Name Reactions for Homologations, Part II of Wiley's Comprehensive Name Reactions series comprises a comprehensive treatise on name reactions for homologations. With contributions from world-recognized authorities in the field, this reference offers an up-to-date, concise compilation of the most commonly used and widely known name reactions and reagents. Part II discusses Rearrangements, Asymmetric C-C Bond Formation, and Miscellaneous Homologation Reactions.

Arranged alphabetically by name reactions, the listing provides:

  • Description of the reaction
  • Historical perspective
  • A mechanism for the reaction
  • Variations and improvements on the reaction
  • Synthetic utilities of the reaction
  • Experimental details
  • References to the current primary literature

Armed with this invaluable resource, both students and professionals will have at their fingertips a comprehensive guide to important mechanisms and phenomena in homologation.



Contributing Authors.

Chapter 1: Rearrangements.

Section 1.1 Concerted rearrangement.

Section 1.2 Cationic rearrangement.

Section 1.3 Anionic rearrangement.

Chapter 2: Asymmetric CC bond formation.

2.1 Evans aldol reaction.

2.2 Hajos-Wiechert reaction.

2.3 Keck stereoselective allylation.

2.4 Roush allylboronation.

Chapter 3: Miscellaneous homologation reactions.

3.1 Bamford-Stevens reaction.

3.2 Mannich reaction.

3.3 Mitsunobu reaction.

3.4 Parham cyclization.

3.5 Passerini reaction.

3.6 Ugi reaction.


Appendix 1, Table of Contents for Volume 1: Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry.

Appendix 2, Table of Contents for Volume 2: Name Reactions for Functional Group Transformations.

Appendix 3, Table of Contents for Volume 3: Name Reactions for Homologations-I.

Appendix 4, Table of Contents for Volume 5: Name Reactions for Ring Formations.

Appendix 5, Table of Contents for Volume 6: Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry-II.

Subject index.