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Nanobiotechnology: Concepts, Applications and Perspectives



Nanobiotechnology: Concepts, Applications and Perspectives

Christof M. Niemeyer (Editor), Chad A. Mirkin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-30658-9 March 2004 491 Pages


Nanotechnology is the key technology of the 21st century. The possibility to exploit the structures and processes of biomolecules for novel functional materials, biosensors, bioelectronics and medical applications has created the rapidly growing field of nanobiotechnology.
Designed as a broad survey of the field, this book combines contributions from bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, molecular biology, materials science and bioanalytics to fathom the full scope of current and future developments.
It is divided into four main sections:
* Interphase Systems
* Protein-based Nanostructures
* DNA-based Nanostructures
* Nanoanalytics
Each chapter describes in detail currently available methods and contains numerous references to the primary literature, making this the perfect "field guide" for chemists, biologists and materials scientists who want to explore the fascinating world of nanobiotechnology.

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This item: Nanobiotechnology: Concepts, Applications and Perspectives

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This item: Nanobiotechnology: Concepts, Applications and Perspectives

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Biocompatible inorganic devices
Microfluidic "Lab-on-a-chip" devices
Microcontact printing of proteins
Cell-nanostructure interactions
Networks of neuronal cells on silicon substrates
Engineered nanopores
Genetic appoaches to particle assembly
Microbial nanoparticle production
Bacteriorhodopsin technology
Polymer nanocontainers
Protein biomolecular motors
Nanoparticle-biomaterial hybrid systems
DNA-protein nanostructures
DNA-templated electronics
DNA-based metallic nanowires
Mineralization in nanostructured biocompartments
DNA-gold-nanoparticle conjugates
DNA nanostructures for mechanics and computing
Nanoparticles as non-viral transfection agents
Quantum dot biolabeling
Nanoparticle molecular labels
Analysis of biomolecular structure by AFM and molecular pulling
Force spectroscopy
Biofunctionalized nanoparticles for SERS and SPR
Bioconjucated silica particles in bioanalysis
"For those wanting to know more about this emerging scientific area, this is an excellent starting point."
Microbiology Today

"....describes in detail all currently available methods of this novel field of research...a perfect guide for chemists, biologists, and material scientists who want to explore the fascinating world of nanobiotechnology."
Polymer News

"In summary, I would rate the book a >strong buy<. It is a high-quality text - well illustrated, and extensively referenced - that provides the first authoriative overview of this emerging field."
SPIE Nanotechnology E-Bulletin

"This book really does represent a fine collection of chapters by respected authors describing current thinking on this subject. The book represents a substantial and realistic compendium of the key concepts and realities of modern nanobiotechnology and should be on the purchaselist of all biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers wishing to acquaint or immerse themselves in this newley emerging technology."

"I truly believe that this book can serve as a textbook for graduate students, as an essential reference for active specialists, and as interesting reading material for general readers with a curiosity in bionanotechnology."