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Nanomaterials Chemistry: Recent Developments and New Directions

Nanomaterials Chemistry: Recent Developments and New Directions

C. N. R. Rao (Editor), Achim Müller (Editor), Anthony K. Cheetham (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61136-2

May 2007

420 pages


With this handbook, the distinguished team of editors has combined the expertise of leading nanomaterials scientists to provide the latest overview of this field. They cover the whole spectrum of nanomaterials, ranging from theory, synthesis, properties, characterization to application, including such new developments as quantum dots, nanoparticles, nanoporous materials, nanowires, nanotubes, and nanostructured polymers.
The result is recommended reading for everybody working in nanoscience: Newcomers to the field can acquaint themselves with this exciting subject, while specialists will find answers to all their questions as well as helpful suggestions for further research.
Molecular Machines
Nanomaterials for Optoelectronics
Non-aqueous Sol-gel Processed for the Synthesis of Oxidic Nanoparticles
Recent Results on Nanocrystals
Peptide Nanotubes and Related Aspects
Recent Results on Nanowires and Nanotubes
Growth of Nanoparticles
Nanoscale Electronic Phase Separation in Oxides
Nanoelectrodes: Batteries
Molecular Electronics