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Nanomechanics of Structural Materials

Nanomechanics of Structural Materials

Dumitru Daragos Cioclov

ISBN: 978-3-527-34322-5

Sep 2020

650 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Based on the expert knowledge acquired by the author in 50+ years as a researcher and teacher of materials mechanics and as a consultant for aerospace and automotive industries, this practical book presents the principles of nanomechanics in terms familiar to scientists and engineers with a university or post-university background.
The text focuses on such advanced topics as stochastic simulation, hybrid particulate-continuous mechanics, theory of stability of large evolving ensembles, dynamics and equilibrium of imperfections in crystalline materials operating in fields of external stress, efficient approximation methods in solving differential equation tailored for computer simulation algorithms. Throughout, the author strikes a balance between theory and implementation, providing enough mathematical and physical background to understand and successfully apply the advanced methods presented, while also using real-world problems to introduce modern approaches of computational nanomechanics that can be readily applied for actual design and characterization tasks.
As a result, readers gain an understanding of the latest methods in computational mechanics that are indispensable for modern engineering needs in research and development.
Carbon Nanomaterials as Archetypes of Novel Materials
Molecular Dynamics
Quantum Mechanics Methods
Multiple-Scale Simulation
Mesoscopic Mechanics of Crystalline Materials
Dislocations Dynamics: Basic Models
Dislocations Dynamics: Stochastic Models and Simulation
Dislocations Structuring: Phenomenology and Continuum Approach
Dislocations Structuring: Discrete Dislocations Dynamics and Stochastic Methods
Metals Fatigue: Mesoscopic Damage Mechanisms
Metals Fatigue: Multi-Scale Simulation of Fatigue Cracks
Bayesian Methods
Heuristic Methods