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Nanoparticles: From Theory to Application

Nanoparticles: From Theory to Application

Günter Schmid (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60404-3

Mar 2006

444 pages



An introduction to the science of nanoparticles, from fundamental principles to their use in novel applications.
As a basis for understanding nanoparticle behavior, the book first outlines the principles of quantum size behavior, nanoparticles architecture, formation of semiconductor and metal nanoparticles. It then goes on to describe the chemical syntheses of nanoparticles with defined characteristics, their structural, electrical and magnetic properties, as well as current methods to monitor these properties.
Among others, the following nanoparticle-based applications are discussed:
* Single-electron devices
* Ultra dense recording media
* Bioelectronic devices and sensors
* Labeling of proteins, nucleic acids and other biomaterials.
With its clear structure and comprehensive coverage, backed by numerous examples from the recent literature, this is a prime reference for chemists and materials scientists working with and developing nanoparticle systems.
1. Introduction
2. Quantum Dots
3. Synthesis and Characterizations
3.1. Semiconductor Nanoparticles
3.2. Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles
4. Organization of Nanoparticles
4.1 Semiconductor Nanoparticles
4.2 Metal Nanoparticles
5. Properties
5.1. Semiconductor Nanoparticles
5.2. Electrical Properties of Metal Nanoparticles
6. Biomaterial-Nanoparticle Hybrid Systems: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
7. Conclusions and Perspectives
""Insgesamt gibt dieses Buch einen profunden Über- und Einblick in den Stand der Wissenschaft und Technik der funktionellen Nanopartikel. Es ist außerordentlich wertvoll für jeden, der sich mit dieser Marterie beschäftigt, von den physikalischen und chemischen Grundlagen bis hin zu den (potentiellen) Anwendungen.""
R. Wäsche, Materials and Corrosion - Werkstoffe und Korrosion, 11/2004

""... Nanoparticles by Günter Schmid is a comprehensive compendium on the theory and synthesis of semiconductor, metal and magnetic nanoparticles. It appears that much effort was put in by the editor and authors to make this book useful both to students and to group leaders pursuing research in the nanoparticle field. ... I believe this book is timely and should find a wide audience of readers interested in the fundamentals of nanoparticle technology.""

Nicholas A. Kotov, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Advanced Materials, Vol. 17, No. 4, February 23, 2005