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Nanosponges: From Fundamentals to Applications

Nanosponges: From Fundamentals to Applications

Francesco Trotta, Andrea Mele

ISBN: 978-3-527-34099-6

Jan 2019

350 pages


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An excellent overview of the field, covering in detail a wide range of different types of constituent materials, such as polymers, metals and metal oxides. It discusses their production and synthetic routes, as well as applications in several areas, including catalysis, drug delivery and environmental science.
A must-have for scientists in academia and industry, as well as a valuable resource for both newcomers and more established researchers working in the field.
Nanomaterial Classification
Metal Oxide Nanosponges
Metal Nanosponges
Alloy Nanosponges
Polymer Nanosponges
Carbon Nanosponge
Cyclodextrin Nanosponges
Silica Nanosponges
Hybrid Nanosponges
Soft Materials from Nanosponges
MOF Nanosponges
Advantages and Applications of Nanosponges