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Nanostructured Multiferroics

Nanostructured Multiferroics

P. M. Visakh, Raneesh Balakrishnan

ISBN: 978-3-527-34320-1

Jun 2019

500 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The book summarizes many of the recent research accomplishments in the area of nanostructured multiferroics and their preparation, characterization and applications. The book covers single-phase and composite multiferroics, nanomultiferroics and multiferroic composites. It elucidates the physical properties, the underlying physical principles as well as the technology and application aspects of nanostructured multiferroics, e.g., in the fields of energy harvesting and spintronics.
Multiferroic Materials
Single Phase Multiferroics
Composite Multiferroics
Nanostructured Multiferroics
Nanomultiferroics: Synthesis
Nanomultiferroics: Characterizations
Nanomultiferroics: Applications
Physical Properties of Multiferroic Nanocomposite
Basic Theory behind Multiferroic Interactions
Engineering Functionality in Nanomultiferroics
Nanostructured Multiferroics for Spintronics