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Nanotechnology: Volume 4: Information Technology II

Nanotechnology: Volume 4: Information Technology II

Rainer Waser (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-31737-0

Jul 2008

414 pages

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This second of two volumes on applications in information technology is divided into two main sections. The first covers logic devices and concepts, ranging from advanced and non-conventional CMOS and semiconductor nanowire devices, via various spin-controlled logic devices and concepts involving carbon nanotubes, organic thin films, as well as single organic molecules, right up to the visionary idea of intramolecular computation.
The second part, architectures and computational concepts, discusses biologically inspired structures and quantum cellular automata, finishing off by summarizing the main principles and current approaches to coherent solid-state-based quantum computation.
Non-Conventional CMOS (L. Risch)
Semiconductor Nanowire Based Logic Devices (L. Samuelson)
Single Electron Devices and Circuits (Y. Ono)
Magnetic Domain Wall Logic (D. Allwood, R. Cowburn)
Spintronic-Devices (S. Bandyopadhyay)
Organic Thin Film Transistors (H. Klauk)
Carbon Nanotube Devices (M. Meyyapan)
Molecular Electronic Concepts (B. Lüssem, T. Bjoernholm)
Intramolecular level logic devices (F. Remacle, R. Levine)
Defect and Fault Tolerance (M. Forshaw)
Biologically Inspired Implementations (D. Hammerstrom)
Quantum Cellular Automata (M. Macucci)
Quantum Computation -
Principles and Solid-State Concepts (M. Weides, E. Goldobin)