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Napoleon For Dummies

J. David Markham

ISBN: 978-0-764-59798-5 October 2005 388 Pages


Explains his influence on the military, law, politics, and religion

Get the real story of Napoleon Bonaparte

Not sure what's true about Napoleon? This easy-to-follow guide gets past the stereotypes and introduces you to this extraordinary man's beginnings, accomplishments, and famous romances. It traces Napoleon's rise from Corsican military cadet to Emperor of the French, chronicles his military campaigns, explains the mistakes that led to his removal from power, and explores his lasting impact on Europe and the world.

* How Napoleon built -- and lost -- an empire
* The forces that influenced him
* Why he created the Napoleonic Code
* The inside story on Josephine
* How he helped shape modern-day Europe

Part I: Beginnings.

Chapter 1: Why Remember Napoleon?

Chapter 2: Raising a Genius.

Chapter 3: The French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Chapter 4: Moving into the Limelight.

Chapter 5: Josephine!

Part II: Building an Empire.

Chapter 6: Improvising an Army in Italy.

Chapter 7: Mixing Art, Science, and Guns in Egypt.

Chapter 8: Gaining Control of France.

Chapter 9: Winning His Greatest Victories.

Chapter 10: Conquering a Continent.

Part III: Losing an Empire.

Chapter 11: Sailing into Disaster with the British.

Chapter 12: Bleeding in Spain.

Chapter 13: Reeling from Russia.

Chapter 14: Defeat and Resurrection.

Chapter 15: Waterloo.

Chapter 16: St. Helena: Napoleon’s Final Island.

Part IV: A True Revolutionary.

Chapter 17: Marshalling a Great Army.

Chapter 18: Sustaining Support at Home.

Chapter 19: Building a Greater (Middle Class) France.

Chapter 20: Attempting a Dynasty.

Part V: Influencing Nations: Diplomacy and Legacy.

Chapter 21: Boney Times with the Brits.

Chapter 22: Creating a New United Europe.

Chapter 23: Religious Freedom and Jewish Liberation.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 24: Ten Interesting Battlefields to Visit.

Chapter 25: Ten Pieces of Advice for Napoleon.

Chapter 26: Ten (Plus) Best Sources for Further Information.

Appendix A: Napoleonic Timeline.

Appendix B: Maps of Napoleonic Europe.