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National Civic Review, Volume 89 , No. 4: Fostering Civic Engagement in America's Communities

National Civic Review, Volume 89 , No. 4: Fostering Civic Engagement in America's Communities

Michael R. McGrath

ISBN: 978-0-787-95460-4

Feb 2001, Jossey-Bass

106 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Celebrating the ten 2000 All-America City Award winners and the community building efforts of twenty finalists, this issue delivers a snapshot report on the experiences of communities that are redefining the role of citizens and exploring new ways of fostering civic engagement today. Contributors analyze a diverse range of successful civic programs including New Hampshire's Civic Profile initiative, a tool developed to give communities the opportunities and technical support to assess what they do well and where they can take action to improve the quality of life, and the St. Louis County Department of Health's successful implementation of a more holistic approach to core public health functions. The influence of evolving societal conditions and their impact on our cities in the future is also examined, as well as the trends requiring communities to change in order to meet the public's expectation for effective and equitable governance.

Articles include:

The Civic Profile: A Case Study of Community Building in New Hampshire
David A. Bloom

Youth-Led Civic Organizing: Countering Perceptions of Apathy and Redefining Civic Engagement (a Conversation with Joel Spoonheim of the Active Citizens School)
Elizabeth Van Benschoten

Engaging the Community in Core Public Health Functions
Derek Okubo, Karen Weidman

Local Office Holders and the Publis
Joseph E. Freeman

The 2000 All-America City Awards
Michael McGrath, Pamela Montgomery

Cities in the Twenty-First Century: The Forces of Change
Roger L. Kemp

Economics of Scale: Business, Neighborhood Development, and Local Government
John O'Looney