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Nations without States: Political Communities in a Global Age

Nations without States: Political Communities in a Global Age

Montserrat Guibernau

ISBN: 978-0-745-66688-4

Jul 2013, Polity

224 pages



Guibernau offers a comparative analysis of nationalist movements in nations without states.

1. State and Nation.

2. Nations without States: different political scenarios.

3. Nations and Nationalism in Native America.

4. Nationalism as a Social Movement.

5. Cultural Resistance and Political Violence.

6. Nations without States as New Global Political Actors.

7. Conclusion.




'Overall, I would warmly recommend this book to students and scholars working in the areas of nationalism, ethnic politics, European integration and the social and political sciences in general. It offers an excellent example of how theory and empirical research can be combined in the most fruitful way.' Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
* A path-breaking analysis of the new importance of 'nations without states' due to the changes brought about by globalization.
* Draws on a wide range of case studies including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Catalonia, the Indian nations in North America, and Quebec.