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Native American Women's Writing: An Anthology c. 1800 - 1924



Native American Women's Writing: An Anthology c. 1800 - 1924

Karen L. Kilcup

ISBN: 978-0-631-20517-3 January 1991 Wiley-Blackwell 464 Pages


This ground-breaking anthology establishes the tradition of early Native American women's writing within American literature and American women's history.

With a regionally diverse group of writers, this richly interwoven collection explores in depth the work of well-known figures such as Pauline Johnson, Sarah Winnemucca and Zitkala-ea, as well as less familiar writers such as Narcissa Owen, Buffalo Bird Woman, Mary Jemison, Ora Eddleman Reed, Sophia Alice Callahan, Owl Woman and Annette Leevier. Anonymously authored "women's texts" are also included, along with writing by children and young adults.

Karen Kilcup challenges traditional mainstream notions of what constitutes literature, including political, historical, and autobiographical writing alongside more familiarly "aesthetic" forms like romantic poetry, short fiction and spiritual literature. As well as representing traditional oral narratives, the collection invites readers to hear the "translation" of orality into written forms.

Brief headnotes outline the writers' lives and indicate connections between and among the writers. The volume also includes brief bibliographies of primary and secondary materials for each writer.

A key text for the classroom, Native American Women's Writing: An Anthology c. 1800-1924 offers an inviting wealth of newly discovered material for scholars and general readers alike.




Part I:.

1. Traditional Narratives and Songs.

2. Nancy Ward and early Cherokee Women.

3. Mary Jemison (Degiwene's) (Seneca, c. 1743-1833).

4. Jane Johnston Schoolcraft (Ojibwa, 1800-1841).

5. Lucy Lowrey Hoyt Keys (Wahnenauhi) (Cherokee, 1831-1912).

6. Narcissa Owen (Cherokee, 1831-1911).

7. Waheenee.

8. Sarah Winnemucca (Thocmetony) (Paiute, c. 1844-1891).

9. Susette LaFlasche (Inshta Theamba or Bright Eyes) (Omaha, 1854-1903).

10. Annette Leevier (Ojibwa).

11. E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) (Mohawk, 1861-1913).

12. Mabel Washbourne Anderson (Cherokee, 1863-1949).

13. Sophia Alice Callahan (Creek, 1868-1894).

14. Fox Indian Woman.

15. Owl Woman (Juana Manwell) ( Papago, fl. 1880) / Frances Densmore (1867-1957).

16. Zitkala-Sa (Red Bird, Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) (Sioux, 1876-1938).

17. Ora V. Eddleman Reed (Mignon Schreiber) (Cherokee, 1880-1968).

Part II: Works by Various Authors.

* Brings together the work of Native American women writers of the nineteenth- and early twentieth-centuries.
* Includes the works of fiction and non-fiction by well-known figures and less prolific writers, as well as anonymously authored "women's texts.
* Provides readers with a sense of the additional work that remains to be discovered.
* Contains headnotes which give an overview of the writers' lives.