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Natural and Synthetic Waxes: Production, Technology and Applications

Natural and Synthetic Waxes: Production, Technology and Applications

Ernst Krendlinger

ISBN: 978-3-527-80776-5

Jun 2020

300 pages

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With over 20 years of experience as technology and R&D manager in the industry, Ernst Krendlinger collates here all the relevant information on basic wax properties and processing technologies otherwise scattered across the literature and company brochures.
After a general introduction, he provides an overview of the chemistry of waxes including their composition, molecular structure and analysis. In addition, he discusses such physical properties as carbon chain length distribution, dropping point and acid number. Subsequent chapters deal with synthetic waxes from Fischer-Tropsch processes, paraffin and amide waxes as well as diverse wax blends and emulsions, summarizing how these waxes are produced and applied. The final chapter looks at natural waxes and their technical importance in industry, covering their production, properties and market situation.
This only up-to-date reference on the topic is essential reading in terms of the physical data as well as parameters and correlations, combining all the information necessary for the analysis and application of synthetic and natural wax compounds.
1. Waxes in General
2. Actual Definition of Waxes
3. Chemistry and Physics of Waxes
4. Synthetic Waxes
5. Natural Waxes