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Nature After The Genome

Nature After The Genome

Sarah Parry (Editor), John Dupré (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33396-1

Jul 2010, Wiley-Blackwell

240 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Nature After The Genome features a series of case studies that explore the relationship between developments in genomic technologies and our knowledge and understanding of nature.
  • Features the latest research and empirical data on social science relating to genomic technologies
  • Represents a multidisciplinary approach to the topic
  • Addresses controversial questions raised by genome research and our understanding of nature

Part One: Introduction.

1. Introducing Nature After the Genome (Sarah Parry and John Dupré).

Part Two: Classifying Biological Entities: Epistemologies of Life.

2. The Polygenomic Organism (John Dupré).

3. Defining Stem Cells? Scientists and Their Classifications of Nature (Nicola J. Marks).

Part Three: (Re)modelling Nature.

4. Captivating Behaviour: Mouse Models, Experimental Genetics and Reductionist Returns in the Neurosciences (Gail Davies).

5. Getting Bigger: Children’s Bodies, Genes and Environments (Karen Throsby and Celia Roberts).

Part Four: Novelty and/in Nature?

6. Synthetic Biology: Constructing Nature? (Jane Calvert).

7. Interspecies Entities and the Politics of Nature (Sarah Parry).

Part Five: Public Natures.

8. Drawing Bright Lines: Food and the Futures of Biopharming (Richard Milne).

9. Barcoding Nature: Strategic Naturalization as Innovatory Practice in the Genomic Ordering of Things (Claire Waterton).

Part Six: Theorizing Nature Through Genomics.

10. Genomic Natures Read Through Posthumanisms (Richard Twine).

11. Life Times (Tim Newton).

12. Afterword (Barry Barnes).

Notes on Contributors.