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Nature of Biology Book 1 4E FlexiSaver & eBookPLUS

Nature of Biology Book 1 4E FlexiSaver & eBookPLUS

Judith Kinnear, Marjory Martin

ISBN: 978-1-118-38924-9

Dec 2012, Jacaranda

616 pages

Select type: Loose-leaf

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Shrink-wrapped, looseleaf textbook for student binder + eBookPLUS
Available for select titles, Jacaranda FlexiSavers provide students with a flexible, cost-saving alternative to the student textbook on your booklist. FlexiSavers are priced at 70% of the RRP of a standard textbook and are packaged as shrink-wrapped, looseleaf pages - making them ideal for student binders. All Jacaranda FlexiSavers include access to eBookPLUS.

1. 30% cost saving
2. Flexible format enables insertion of students and teacher notes throughout
3. Lightweight option of only bringing the chapters required to school

The fourth editions of the Nature of Biology series have been revised and enhanced to specifically include the latest 2012 VCAA study design updates. Clear and easy-to-read explanations, detailed diagrams, and Quick-check questions throughout the chapters check and extend student understanding in line with VCE outcomes.
Student text features:
 • The latest VCAA study design updates
 • Videos, animations and interactivities
 • A wealth of weblinks
 • Highlighted text to help students identify the key concepts on each page

Nature of Biology Book 1 4E eBookPLUS is an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available to you online at the jacarandaPLUS website (

Your eBookPLUS resources include:
 • interactive activities and a wealth of ICT resources
 • Word documents designed for easy customisation and editing
 • HTML links to other useful support material on the internet 

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Area of study 1 - Cells in action
Chapter 1
Cells: discovery and exploration
Chapter 2 Structure and function of cells
Chapter 3 Cells: what are they made of?
Chapter 4 Cell replication

Area of study 2 - Functioning organisms
Chapter 5
Obtaining energy and nutrients for life
Chapter 6 Distribution of materials
Chapter 7 Reproduction
Chapter 8 Ordering the living world

Area of study 1 - Adaptations of organisms

Chapter 9 Habitats and environmental resources
Chapter 10 Physiological adaptations for survival
Chapter 11 Behaviour for survival
Chapter 12 Reproductive strategies for survival

Area of study 2 - Dynamic ecosystems
Chapter 13
Ecosystems and their living communities
Chapter 14 Population dynamics
Chapter 15 Flow of energy and cycling of matter
Chapter 16 Changes to ecosystems over time