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Nature of Biology Book 2 4E Activity Manual & eBookPLUS

Nature of Biology Book 2 4E Activity Manual & eBookPLUS

Judith Kinnear, Marjory Martin

ISBN: 978-1-118-38913-3

Dec 2012, Jacaranda

256 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This new fourth edition of Nature of Biology Book 2, Activity Manual has been updated and reorganised to meet the practical requirements of the latest VCE Biology Study Design. In combination with the fourth editions of Nature of Biology Book 2 and Nature of Biology Book 2 eGuidePLUS, it provides a complete teaching package for VCE Biology Units 3 and 4.

Nature of Biology Book 2, Activity Manual includes access to eBookPLUS and features:
 • A digital version of the Activity Manual (eBookPLUS version)
 • A range of activities and experiments that supplement and extend students’ understanding
 • Multiple choice questions that review each chapter
 • ‘Test your understanding’ activities for each chapter that comprehensively revise essential content

These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

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Area of Study 1: Molecules of life
Chapter 1
: The chemical nature of cells
Chapter 2: Membranes and cell organelles
Chapter3: Biochemical processes in cells
Chapter 4: Molecular biology in medicine

Area of Study 2: Detecting and responding
Chapter 5
: Coordination and regulation: endocrine systems
Chapter 6: Coordination and regulation: nervous systems
Chapter 7: Infection and disease
Chapter 8: Immunity: defence against disease

Area of Study 1: Heredity
Chapter 9
: Genes, chromosomes and patterns of inheritance
Chapter 10: Nature, structure and organisation of the genetic material
Chapter 11: Gene function: genes in action
Chapter 12: Manipulating DNA: tools and techniques

Area of Study 2: Change over time
Chapter 13: Population genetics
Chapter 14: Evolution: chases over time
Chapter 15: Hominin evolution
Chapter 16: Human intervention in evolution